Vision Statement


Vision is not about present reality.  Vision is all about our dreams and aspirations or

what could beIt is our preferred future.



At Canton Baptist Church, we envision our church fully embracing the Great Commandment and the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.


We envision developing our membership to be equipped and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection to all the unchurched friends and people in Trigg County.  We envision many new members coming to Christ by profession of faith and baptism.


We envision our church becoming a model of biblical community that is a safe place where we accept one another and are accepted, where we love one another and are loved, where we shepherd and are shepherded, where we encourage and are encouraged, where we forgive and are forgiven, and where we serve and are served.


We envision well-planned worship services where the music, sermons and prayers will glorify God, be Christ-centered and reflect biblical faith and include leadership from many members.


We envision a church full of children, youth and adults who discover their spiritual gifts and are equipped to serve Jesus in ministry in the church and outside the church.


We envision welcoming numerous new members into our body who are excited about Jesus, who will experience healing and strengthening in their family relationships and marriages, and who will grow together.


We envision future growth in numbers until we have to add additional worship times.


We envision our recruiting, training and sending out many of our members as missionaries and church workers all over the world pursuing short-term service in several countries


We envision our church being known in the community for its love and care for all people as expressed through multiple ministries.


We envision our church as being heartbroken on behalf of the lost of our community and will seek the lost through every biblical method that is appropriate.


We envision our church cooperating with other like-minded churches in fulfilling the Great Commandment and Great Commission.