Core Values Statement



  • We value a whole-hearted devotion to Jesus Christ.


  • We value the Bible as God’s authoritative, accurate and infallible Word for salvation and Christian living.  The Bible is the source for equipping believers, developing disciples and producing leaders.


  • We value worship that glorifies God and is both personal and corporate, in spirit and in truth.  Worship includes services, music, church ordinances (Lord’s Supper and Baptism), and prayer.


  • We value prayer that is passionate and spiritual.  God desires believers to pray.  Prayer is both personal and corporate.  We believe that God hears our prayers and answers prayers.  We believe in a reliance on prayer for all our ministries and activities in their conception, planning, and execution.


  • We value healthy relationships among all our church family.  We emphasize small groups as a primary means for believers to care for each other, develop friendships, and share their lives.


  • We value evangelism that seeks the lost and presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ to lost people in our church area, in our state, in our nation, and throughout the world.  We believe all our activities should be viewed through the lens of evangelism.


  • We value discipleship that is transformational and turns believers into followers of Christ who guide followers to make disciples.


  • We value every member ministry that demonstrates God’s love and righteousness in Word and deed.